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The format of the show is somewhat unique and possibly one of its kind. We pick a genre of music then the presenters each have two tracks to battle over two rounds to see who has the best song choice. Genres can range therefore any song can be chosen, music can go anywhere! That's why we claim we play interesting music.


So why not give us a try, find a show that tickles your fancy and see if you would have chosen something similar. The show is recorded monthly and released on popular podcast streaming sites. So what are you waiting for? Find us listen, like subscribe to SDJP WE PLAY INTERESTING MUSIC

Feel free to get in touch with the show, if you have any genre ideas let us know. If you are a musician a DJ or you got a track you want us to play/review send it over but give us a valid reason for us to play it. 

Fill out the contact bellow and interact with us we'd love to hear from you. 

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