Busta Rhymes Drops 'Extinction Level Event 2

This album comes stacked with special guest including Ol Dirty Bastard, Kendrick Lamar, Q-Tip, and Mariah Carey and more. As a massive Busta fan I felt elements of his first album The Coming where he predicts the end of the world!!! The baselines are also reminiscent of The Coming too where they reverberate your speakers testing your neighbours patients.

I really enjoy the many facets of the intro where the narration describes various things such as politics, the illuminati and religion then you have Chris Rock who acts as Busta’s biggest fan. Then Bus’ starts rhyming using his skills to get your pallet salivating, did I mention that Rakim drops a few verses? This is the intro!!!!

The purge is a short track but many of these new school rappers would be proud of a track like this. The production on many of the songs, feature crackling and popping sounds one would expect from an extremely worn-out vinyl record—without detracting from the sound quality, of course. Songs like “The Purge,” the title track and “Freedom?” directly cite outrage at police brutality and systemic racism in the U.S., as Busta Rhymes expresses his solidarity with protesters all over the country.

E.LE 2 The Wrath Of God features the Minister Louis Farrakhan a very controversial figure but is able to articulate what he has to say in a very articulate fashion. All I can say is give it a listen 🤷🏾‍♂️ there’s a track on the album that many folk can relate to Best I Can featuring Rhapsody. This track reminded me of a few fellas I know that have split from their baby momma and have issues seeing their kids. You may or may not agree with the song but it is very relatable.

One of the songs I noticed when looking at the song titles is a song called SATANIC. Mo personally I was going to avoid but listening to the track Busta talks about the Illuminati the current president Donald Trump and the and people worshiping the devil rather than Jesus. This has some very interesting points as we all know the Illuminati is a secret society but in recent years has been more prevalent to the public.

If you’ve heard the album you may have noticed I didn’t review all tracks as I’m allowing you to have some of your own listening to do. I’m am glad Busta didn’t do an album of speed rapping although I am a fan of this I didn’t want a whole album of it. Bus drops a view verses on one track only and has worked once again with the one and only Mariah Carey.

I’m a fan of this work hope you like it too

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