Jarrod Lawson – ‘Be The Change’

He’s back! Six years after the release of his self titled debut album, Jarrod Lawson is back with his highly anticipated second album ‘Be The Change’.

Jarrod Lawson took the music world by storm back in 2014 and the singer, songwriter and musician who hails from Portland, Oregon has certainly delivered again. This album is absolutely stunning from start to finish!

‘Be The Change’ contains 11 songs that all ooze class. There’s no fuss, ‘faff’ or interludes. Lawson’s vocals and harmonies, alongside the soulful, jazzy vibes throughout make you feel warm inside.

The opening title track ‘Be The Change’ is one of two socially conscious tracks to feature, instilling that we all need to be accountable for the change we want to see in the world and to be more compassionate. The other being ‘Embrace What We Are’ which addresses current political and social issues we have faced throughout the year and beyond.

Fear not, there’s definitely a mix of lighthearted subject matter too! The quirky ‘Be Your Radio’ which features the brilliant Moonchild and unmistakable vocals of Amber Nevran. Add to this a handful of stunning love songs too. The beautiful ‘Love Isn’t Always Enough’, ‘Why Don’t You Call Me Baby Anymore’ and the D’Angelo inspired ‘Evalee’ which I absolutely love.

Jarrod Lawson is such a talent and this is reflected in every single note and every piece of music throughout this body of work. The fusion of soul, smooth jazz, exquisite vocals, layered harmonies, as well as outstanding production throughout makes this my album of the year.

Yes, a huge statement, I know! From my first listen I called it! And, oh my goodness, if ever we needed an album of this calibre, it was 2020!!

‘Be The Change’ – Jarrod Lawson is available on vinyl, CD. Shop here:


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