OH MY GOODNESS - Strange Fruit Project

I had my apple music on shuffle and then this track came on (All The Way) the sweet deep baseline made me do the “ohhhhh this tune is hot face!” You know the one I’m talking about anyway after it finished I played the whole album. Now if you’re a Slum Village fan you will like these guys cause the baselines on all the tracks rub your speakers that has to be said first. I don’t know the MC’s or who the voices belong to but there are three guys in the group and the rhymes are TIGHT that’s number two and very important but the style of the raps are dope. There is a hint of Outkast in there too which cant be bad at all now can it.

The band consists of three members two cousins and a friend, rapper and producer S1 (Symbolyic 1) who grew up playing the piano and drums in church. S1 joined forces with his cousin Myth Mythological) the cousins met Myone who tagged along to a studio session. S1 and Myth let Myone jump on a beat and from that moment the group was formed.

Back to the music The Dotted Line reminded me in the hook of the late great Nate Dogg but these guys from Waco Texas sound similar. When I say similar this does not mean they are sound a likes, they do their thing and do it well. There is a strong chemistry in the group which would be evident as two members are blood related. This album I would describe it as Soulful Hip Hop and laced with awesome free flowing verses.

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