An Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre: 2001 - The Mill Birmingham

So the night finally arrived, after purchasing tickets to see this orchestra the SDJP boys were finally out of the grasps of LOCKDOWN. The guys had plans to have a good night and left their cars at home and the train station. The train journey saw some fine advanced planning for future shows and deep discussions took place on the journey to to see live music by one of our favourite producers Dr Dre. This show is for the purest music fans, a live orchestra merging classic instruments and music from the West Coast hip-hop scene. The cover band features classical musicians from the UK’s leading orchestras, plus DJs and singers, who will be paying tribute to legendary producer, rapper and entrepreneur Dr Dre. We expect the orchestra to be playing well-known classics from his second album, such as ‘The Next Episode’, which originally features Snoop Dogg. Plus, you can listen to No Strings Attached’s version of ‘Still D.R.E’,

After hitting a few bars we finally got to the venue and saw a well-equipped production box the stage was set out ready for the performance and the venue began to fill slowly but surely. Whilst absorbing the atmosphere the crew walked around the venue and saw folk on the outside balcony enjoying the views of Birmingham from the balcony the majority of people were upstairs which filled me with joy as I knew the show was going to be awesome with the extra influx of avid music fans ready for a good time.

The time had come for the show to begin a very beautiful piece of composed music written by Okiem was played which captivated the whole audience. I think part of the captivation was the audience trying to work out what the track was (it was an original) from that moment it was clear that this orchestra was an assortment of talented musicians. As I hadn’t checked this band of wonderful musicians I didn’t know what I was expecting we saw the opportunity to go out together and listen to some Dre tunes and be merry, that’s what I signed up for anyhow. When you see the word orchestra you immediately think of 20 plus musicians a brass section a percussion section and so on and so forth. This orchestra travels a little lighter than that but still able to capture the sound of wonderful musicianship. The show was well and truly started after the first track had finished, for me my slight hesitation of listening to an orchestra had lifted as I didn’t think there was going to be any vocals either. The orchestra travelled with an MC who rapped EVERYBODIES verses male female parts Dre Eminem the works! Him being from the states helped with the authenticity of how the rhymes were delivered.

The show delivered a high energy performance which was welcomed as I nearly wore my Tux to the show and the vibe was also unrivalled everybody seemed to just need to listen to good music and feel the vibe.

For more information about this wonderful orchestra be sure to look them up

Web address:

Instagram: @okiemofficial

Instagram: @theinfinityorchestra


Twitter: @okiem

Note: Dr Dre will not be attending this event. This is an orchestral rendition event performing covers and renditions.

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