Silk Sonic The Single Leave The Door Open

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Anderson Paak and Bruno Marrs have collaborated together. Well the pair met 2017 and had an instant relationship with one another. You can see how their chemistry works in interviews and also on wax the song is on heavy rotation in my house even my 9yr old loves this tune (I think I can say she got me into Bruno Marrs music) In 2018 the pair have held the Silk Sonic secret. The two musicians began to work together and the vibe just clicked and kept clicking and now we have a new Supergroup formed. Bruno has stated that Anderson is one of the baddest drummers he’s ever seen and with naming input from Bootsy Collins this group is gonna be around for some time. Bootsy helped to name the group and put his stamp on Silk Sonic even has a tune on the album.

Look out for more music Silk Sonic album will be out soon and also make sure you watch the Zane Lowe interview on Apple Music for more stories and info about Silk Sonic.

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