DJ Double K

DJ Double K


SDJP Presenters

We play interesting music 

Each presenter has a love for music and within the group there is vast knowledge of music there is a wide range of musical genres that is enjoyed. We guarantee to bring you great music.


We like the fact that there are three OG’s and one young blud this mix will naturally bring you new and old music to the table. In this collective there are two DJ’s, two Producers and four music loving guys that can talk all day about music if allowed to do so.


The idea of the podcast was conjured up by DJ Double K who had the idea and did shows on his own before inviting the rest of the crew to join him. Once the crew was assembled the show has gone from strength to strength (the more hands the better).

Now the show is heard all over the globe and it is still growing with more and more listeners finding the show all the time. There are many ways to listen to the show Apple Podcast, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and popular podcast sites, hit the links subscribe and enjoy our show.

DJ Double K

DJ Double K enjoys working on different types of production projects and is always looking for more exciting music to be a part of. If you’re searching for a unique and dynamic Music Producer to help with your audio, look no further.

Double K is the backbone of the podcast he is the visionary.


They say music is the language of the soul. It’s certainly true for E-Volve Since entering the bizz in music is in his DNA and is a majoy part of his life.

E-Volve is the visionary and the statesman of the group. 


With nothing more than a secondhand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records, ComicMarvel impressively burst onto the CITY DJ scene. ComicMarvel no longer spins the wheels of steel in clubs but is happy listening and crytiquing music in the comfort of his home.

ComicMarvel has a fine ear for music and is more than happy to share his viewpoint on what he hears.


Echo is a  Music Producer, with an extensive back catalogue of music that he has produced covering a number of genres and sound styles. Echo has lots of experience in the music, complemented with a deep understanding of cutting edge technology and the latest production processes.

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