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Here are a few of our previous shows as you are aware we are an independant crew we produce and design all things SDJP. The show is developing and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions have been taken into consideration so not only is it our show it is yours. We've shared the links to the Newsletters where you can go straight to the shoow via the links. We hope you enjoy and keep listening. 

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British Reign

British Reign featuring Nimrod 'Houseproud' from Taste Dat Music. This show was for Nimrod to highlight his artists, talk about music and general chat about how his .company highlights young up and coming artists. 



Who Diss

This was a show about battles and feuds in music and entertainment in general. A diss track, diss record or diss song is a song is to verbally attack someone else, usually another artist. A diss track is usually associated within the Hip Hop community go listen to the show you may find that it is not just Hip Hop that go at each other. 


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School Daze

SCHOOL DAZE out now!!! This show is about the music we remember from our school days. Tune in see whether you know the tracks we've chosen and join us for look back at or school days and memories.



Reality Check

 special guest iand a dear friend Dru Fisher who was once on X Factor 2006 Series 3. Dru was a former member of the group 4SURE who made it to the live finals. 4Sure were a four-member British male R&B Pop vocal group consisting of members Donovan Bailey, Andrew Fisher, Kriss Jones and Jermaine Sanderson. They participated in Series 3 of The X Factor UK as part of the Groups category mentored by Louis Walsh.